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The Evolution Of A CFO

Cedrela Confidential Podcast #3

Being a Chief Financial Officer is not what it used to be, according to Cedrela Senior Business Advisor José Villafañe, interviewed by Raúl Palacios in this first episode of the Cedrela Confidential Podcast.

Today, of all C-Suite executives, the CFO is the one best positioned to become the CEO’s closest advisor, but only if he or she marries the finance specialization with intimate knowledge and strategic insights of the entire enterprise, a task that usually falls on the CEO.
Increasingly, that includes seamless integration and alignment with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), in charge of navigating the company through the momentous global technological transformation taking place.

To do all of the above with optimal results, the CFO cannot go it alone. Villafañe lays out several pathways to building a winning finance team fit for the times. That includes igniting a passion and creativity for this renewed finance mission that can power the company deep into the future.

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